Sequence photography

Explore the art of sequence photography to capture stunning moments in motion. Discover tips and tricks to create dynamic and visually appealing photo sequences that tell a compelling story.
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Lecture 7: Sequence and Narrative Theory

One artist that stood out to me from today's lecture was Duane Michals. I've seen some of his work before, and I just think his photo narratives are fascinatingly unique and meaningful. I hadn't seen his photo This Photograph is My Proof from 1974 before, but it's so sad and beautiful in its simplicity. We look back at old photographs and struggle to remember exactly how we felt in that specific moment when the camera went off--did we really feel those emotions? Could a relationship once so…

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Duane Michals Emulation

In an introductory photography class, we studied various famous photographers. At the end of the semester, we were asked to emulate a photographer whose style we liked. I chose Duane Michals' The Dream of Flowers.

Mandie Graham