Selena and chris

Discover the captivating love story of Selena and Chris. Learn about their journey, struggles, and triumphs as a couple. Explore their inspiring relationship and find out what makes them a perfect match.
TO SELENA, WITH LOVE by Chris Perez People, Celebrities, Queen, Bebe, Muziek, Chris, Celebs, Beautiful People, Hollywood

“There were plenty of reasons for me to fall in love with Selena. She was a talented, sensual dancer and singer, and a compelling entertainer….I was attracted to that woman I saw onstage. But I fell in love with the real Selena, the woman who laughed hysterically while riding speedboats, was determined to beat every guy in the band at video games, and wore jeans and sneakers and a baseball hat on the bus. “Selena had a huge talent and sang like an angel. But she also worked tirelessly; doing…

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