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Explore a collection of captivating sculpture art ideas that will inspire your creativity and add a touch of elegance to your space. Discover the beauty and craftsmanship of various sculptures that can transform any environment.
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Chinese artist Luo Li Rong creates the most realistic feminine sculptures. This precise work and graceful lineaments give you an impression that the time has stopped and a second after the sculptures will move. You can almost see them breathing. Come and see! We bet you will fall in love with these

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Achieve a luxurious aesthetic without breaking the bank with these 13 creative and affordable DIY wall art projects. You don't need to spend a fortune on custom artwork. By using simple crafting materials and tapping into your creativity, you can create stunning DIY wall art that looks expensive. What's even better is that these art ideas won't break the bank, making them a budget-friendly option for decorating your space. With custom, DIY wall art, the possibilities are endless. You have…

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Jago is definitely one of the most talented and promising Italian sculptors today who has been dubbed as the modern Michelangelo in Italy. We had a chance to talk to him in Naples area of the inauguration of “Pieta” In […]

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The debate on whether a design is good or bad is a never-ending one. From terrible public space "solutions" to ideas so bad, it’s hard to believe someone came up with them, we've covered plenty of the latter over the years. So how about we balance out the scales a little bit?