Sculptural fashion

Explore the world of sculptural fashion and discover unique and captivating designs that will make a statement. Be inspired to express your individuality with these artistic and bold fashion choices.
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Women Wire Dresses & Skirts | Susan Freda Studios & Arn Krebs Arts

Susan Freda employs a self-invented method to weave these stunning sculptural dresses from single strands of wire.The wire is accented in a dewy layer of resin and metal powders, giving them vibrancy and shine.If you are interested in one of her pieces please contact us. Commissions available. AVAILABLE WORK BY SUSANVI

Teresa Rautio
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Structurally Sound ~ Lingerie as Architecture - Lingerie Briefs ~ by Ellen Lewis

Coco Chanel stated that “fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions” The styles featured here are architecturally-inspired designs. Whether it’s the framework of a dress or a bustier, each piece shows stunning angles and curves, allowing light and open space to complement the finished product.

Sasha Ermolaeva
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Блеск высокой моды и женщины-цветы Jean Louis Sabaji: Мода, стиль, тенденции в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров

Жан-Луи Сабайи (Jean Louis Sabaji) — молодой дизайнер из Ливана, чьи коллекции, первая из которых увидела свет в 2012 году, встречают неизменно теплый прием у публики. Его проработанные в...