Scrap fabric quilt

Transform your scraps of fabric into a beautiful quilt with these creative ideas. Learn how to create a unique and personalized quilt that will add warmth and style to any space.
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This is one of my favorite scrap quilt patterns lately...I have another quilt top just like this one I need to finish. The squares are cut 2.5 x 4.5 inches, so my scrap bin had much to contribute to this quilt. Nothing makes me happier than using up scraps. I think this pattern appeals to me because it is random, but somewhat organized scrappy. I was inspired by this quilt I found on Pinterest several years ago, but there are many tutorials out there similar to it. For the binding I used up…

Katie Weaver
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The crumb quilt project was a great scrap buster. I got 2 quilts out of that project. But for some reason, after all the mess all over my sewing room, and working several months on those crumb quilts, I still had a huge pile of scraps!! They just seemed to multiply!!! So I decided to try scrap strips instead to see if I could lesson my scrap mountain. I put my scraps into piles strips that were about the same length. I had 6 or 7 piles of different lengths. I pulled two from the first pile…

Ursula Dellamar
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Most quilters can’t bear to part with scraps of favorite fabrics and tend to keep them in little bins and boxes for future use. Crumb quilting, although not a new idea, is enjoying a resurgence now as we try to use up all those bits of fabric we’ve been saving.…

Terri Bush
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The end of the year is coming fast, so I have been evaluating my Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilts to determine which I want to finish and which I want to carry into next year. One of the RSC quilts I have been working on is the simple color block quilt made with 2.5" squares. For October, I made a couple brown blocks. I knew I needed some red blocks - so I went ahead and finished up three from squares that I had already cut and were in my stash. A couple of yellow blocks were needed too. At…

Norma Sue O'Neil