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Enhance the flavor of your dishes with our mouthwatering savory sauce recipes. From tangy marinades to rich gravies, explore a variety of options to take your meals to the next level.
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It drives me completely crazy that it’s impossible to find a good recipe online for sweet and sour sauce like the bright red stuff they have at Chinese takeout restaurants. Or that it’s not just sold in bottles at the store. I don’t want sweet chili sauce, I don’t want duck sauce, I don’t want […]

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Captain D's famous fried fish and seafood would just not be the same without their signature tartar sauce. In just 10 minutes, you could prepare your own refreshing, perfectly acidic Captain D's tartar sauce that goes perfectly with any type of fish, seafood, and meat dish.

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Recipe video above. The nice thing about this Béarnaise Sauce? It's so fast, you can make it while the steak is resting. No one will know you didn't whisk it by hand. And you know it will work every single time – because it's foolproof. Not even the most seasoned chefs can say that about hand-whisking!Serve over steak or pan seared salmon for a fine dining restaurant experience at home.Makes enough to (very) generously sauce 3 large steaks, or 4 sensible portions.

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This garlic parmesan sauce is the absolute best way to dress up your pasta or add a garlicky twist to homemade pizza. With butter, fresh garlic, parmesan cheese, and heavy cream, this parmesan cream sauce is filled with fresh flavors. And it’s ready in about 15 minutes so it's totally do-able on a busy weeknight!

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