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For RVers dreaming of full-time living in a recreational vehicle, you may wonder - can I legally live in an RV anywhere I want? The answer is not so simple. Many people love the idea of life on the open road. Yet, not all states allow long-term RV living on private land. The growing interest […]

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There are many situations where paint is a great solution. If you need to brighten up a dim living room, make a bedroom feel more personalized, breathe new life into your old fridge, transform dated kitchen cabinets, or add a pop of color on your floors, paint is the answer. And the owner of this 2015 RV, Elizabeth Switajewski (@switlife.mnc), used it on almost every surface to revamp its very dark interiors.Her RV is a toyhauler, which means it has a garage in the back.

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Here are some great RV hacks and tips for you to upgrade your RV look. For your RV bathroom, hang your toiletries with your old shoe organizer, so you can keep all your bathing stuff in one place. Make your own cushion slip covers to add some texture to your RV decoration. If you have PVC, use it as a handy holders for your stuff that is so inexpensive and easy to make.

Amanda Hutto
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My husband and I rented an RV last summer. And boy oh boy, did we learn a lot. There’s no reason to be embarrassed if you do make mistakes. They are shared by literally EVERY seasoned RV’er out there. The good news? This community is more than happy to help out the “new kids on the block.”

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