Running weight training

Improve your running performance with these effective weight training exercises. Strengthen your muscles, increase endurance, and prevent injuries to become a better runner.
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We all know that strength training is complimentary to running. But if you've ever been injured and found yourself in physical therapy, what you may have discovered is that strength training isn't just complimentary to running, it is ESSENTIAL to avoiding injury and running strong. Avoid Injury

Sam Dixon
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Because Bean is still taking daily naps (at least, in a perfect world they happen daily), I use our video monitor constantly. I have been a big fan of Levana ever since we had to replace a VERY expensive video monitor after it pretty much broke itself just through daily use and the company never...

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The goal of strength training for most runners is to be a faster, fitter, and less injury prone. Are you in that group? Great! All are appropriate goals, but you may need to rethink your strength training routine in order to make that happen. Or, if you don’t strength train, you should seriously consider adding

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