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Transform your home into a romantic oasis with these inspiring ideas. Create a cozy and intimate atmosphere that will make every day feel like a fairytale.
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Helpful baby things 0-6 Months — ROSIE ANN BUTCHER

Hi.. so I thought it might be helpful to pop together a list of the things we have loved using and have got the most use out with Olive as a newborn until now…6 whole months already.. Where does time go!! Most of these are quite simple things which have just been super handy…

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7 Style Essences Quiz

Before we start the quiz, let's talk about Style Essences.So, what is a style essence? They are a perceptible reflection of your inner self with a mix of your clothing lines. It considers your "vibe" or the way you perceive the world, and how that is reflected on your outer self. How you act and

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Figuring out your personal style is key to unlocking authentic, vibrant, cool girl style. Once you know your style essence, it becomes much easier to put together outfits that reflect who you are. Check out this guide to find out what your style essence is and learn more about how it affects the way you dress. classic style essence, angelic style essence, dramatic style essence, romantic style essence, ingenue style essence, natural style essence, gamine style essence explained. Couture, Angelic Style Essence, Ingenue Style Essence, Dramatic Style Essence, Romantic Style Essence, Natural Style Essence, Classic Style Essence, Kitchener Style Essences, Ingenue Style

The 7 Style Essences and What It Means for Your Clothing

Style essences are essentially the harmonious reflection of your inner and outer self and your style lines. They seek to bridge the gap between your body and your clothing lines. They take into consideration your

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Define & Refine Your Personal Style

New BeginningsWe may experience many style evolutions in the course of our lives, which can come from the influence of celebrities, social media, travel & friends. This can make it difficult to identify our own personal style when we’re being pulled in ten different directions. STYLE TYPES Growing up in NY, studying in Italy & living in SH for the past 9 years, I felt that I needed to simplify my life. I’d become uninspired, not because of a lack of options but rather having too many. On a…

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Your guide to the romantic academia aesthetic - GirlsLife Feminine Fashion Romantic, Casual Romantic Style, Romantic Academia Outfits, Romantic Style Outfit, Romantic Academia Aesthetic, Light Academia Outfits, Aesthetic Styles, Academia Aesthetic Outfit, Light Academia Aesthetic

Your guide to the romantic academia aesthetic

Move over, dark academia. The popular TikTok aesthetic's lighter, more flowery cousin is here to stay. Do you dream of old-fashioned love letters and swoon-worthy springtime picnics? Flowy dresses and fancy updos? If so, romantic academia may be your new vibe—and...

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