Robin Williams

Celebrate the life and legacy of Robin Williams, one of the greatest comedians of all time. Explore his iconic performances, heartfelt interviews, and inspiring quotes that continue to bring joy to audiences worldwide.
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A French Woman With Her Baguette And Six Bottles Of Wine, Paris, France, 1945

While many animals rely on other senses — like smell in the case of dogs or hearing in that of bats — humans depend on sight. We build our lives around visual cues, and use them for finding food, mates, and shelter, as well as more complex behaviors such as parental care.

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PhD In Style: Famous Cinematic Professors - Ivy Style

Robin Williams in “Dead Poets Society” We return to our Professor Week coverage with a gallery of film dons (and a few schoolteachers). The list must be endless, so let us know who else belongs here. Above, Robin Williams in “Dead Poets Society.” Below, John Houseman as a Harvard Law professor in 1973’s “Paper ...


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