Resin painting

Explore unique and creative resin painting techniques to create stunning and vibrant artwork. Learn how to use resin to add depth and shine to your paintings and unleash your creativity with these top resin painting ideas.
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Short process of my newest painting. I enjoyed this so much. It gave me confidence to create many more pieces like this. If you’ve got questions regarding the creative process, it’s all described...

Darla Babcock
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Visit my website for more options --> (For deep gallery profile wood/canvas or larger sizes, please visit ->>> ) **** MADE TO ORDER **** The ones in the pictures are all sold! The painting you receive won't look exactly the same as those in the pictures but will be in the same color scheme and style. • Original resin painting on flat wood panel • Size: 8"x8" each • Panel…

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Artist Feif Dong has mastered the beautiful art of painting on resin. The artist creates intricate and detailed works of fish, dragons, and many other things. They use things like seashells, bowls, plates, and wood as their canvas. Which makes each piece unique and unlike any other.

Даша Новолодская