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Iron Man (real name Tony Stark) is a brilliant inventor, one of the founding members of the Avengers,[1] and successful CEO of Stark Industries. He is the current leader of the Avengers[2] At some point of time, Tony Stark was kidnapped by a criminal organization. He was locked up in a cave, which led him to create his first armor, which Spider-Man jokingly said he made from 'a paperclip and some empty soda cans', he had worked on for several days, allowing him to escape.[1] After his…

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Y/N was adopted by Summer and Tai and he loved being with his new fam… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Superman, Avengers, Iron Man, Batman, Marvel, Thor, Dc Comics, Iron Man Hd Wallpaper, Iron Man Wallpaper

Y/N was adopted by Summer and Tai and he loved being with his new family and he loved his older sisters Ruby and Yang he loved his new family that's until one day Summer went on a mission and she never came back this broke Y/N it took him months but he eventually recovered and was determined to make Weapons for huntsman huntress and the military he loved what he did until Roman Torchwick got a hold of his weapons and hurt someone he cared about with them he realized what his weapons can do…

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