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Discover proven reading recovery strategies to help readers of all ages improve their reading skills. Implement these strategies and unlock the joy of reading.
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Aims of the session: To gain further understanding of ‘Every Child a Reader’ Reading Recovery and what it involves Impact of the intervention in our school Methods to use in school which will help children to problem solve in reading more effectively

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Are your students active readers? Active reading is the process of thinking and reflecting about a text while you are reading. For many students, it's a natural process, but for most students, it needs to be taught explicitly. Struggling readers have an especially hard time with active reading. Often students who struggle with decoding have difficulty with active reading, as their mental energy is dedicated to recognizing word patterns and figuring out what each word says. Once their focus…

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15 reading fluency activities you can do in minutes a day with strategies to improve reading fluency in your slow, choppy reader. Reading fluency games online, printable reading fluency games, reading passages and more! Education ideas - what are the 3 components of reading fluency? Wanting to know how to help your child read faster? Check out these ideas for reading fluency games, printable reading fluency games, timed reading games, plus reading fluency activities pdf format to print. If…

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I’m about to start my fifth year as a Reading Recovery teacher. When I first started the week long assessment training Miss O was 6 weeks old. I was in a delirious haze of new motherhood an…

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There are many strategies we use as fluent readers, but students learning to read need help learning these strategies. Students sometimes use one, two, or more of these strategies to help them decode an unknown word. Keep in mind that each student develops at their own rate. For example, a student who may not have all of their letter sounds down may have trouble tapping out a word, while a student who knows all their sounds might be able to 'look for chunks' in words or 'flip the vowel'. It…

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