Raw cheese

Experience the rich and natural flavors of raw cheese. Discover top ideas for incorporating this wholesome ingredient into your favorite dishes and snacks.
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If you make cheese already and appreciate quality recipes... Or, if you want to learn how to make cheese and need a vetted set of recipes to start you off... ...then this post is for you. We did all the hard work of reviewing recipes (and making a bunch of them, too) so you can just dive in and get started. Yummy cheese awaits! [by Wardee Harmon]

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I am one of those people who likes to know how to do things myself. This is the most true with food. I love knowing how people in the past before the advent of big grocery stores made all of the items in their kitchen, especially cheese. I figure if people were making cheese for hundreds of years before all of our technology, then surely I can learn to make it with all of the conveniences of a modern kitchen. As it turns out you don't actually need much to make cheese. It's kind of sad that…

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What is raw cheese? When I first heard the word "raw" describing cheese, I was taken aback. I had no clue what it was, but it didn't sound appetizing. The taste and texture are comparable to your every day cheese. However, it is nutritionally superior. To understand the benefits of raw cheese, it's important to

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