Rabbit sculpture

Add a touch of whimsy to your home decor with unique rabbit sculpture ideas. Explore inspiring ways to incorporate these charming sculptures into your living space and create a playful atmosphere.
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New Moon Rabbit Part 1

If you have been with me for some time, you know my natural gravitation towards Rabbits and Hares...it may of started with "Wind in My Hare"...perhaps earlier, with a Series I did for Kaiser Permanente with Rabbits from around the World in wool, cotton, and silk. I am ME. As life and art can inner mesh, I find that the place I am now in my life is one of joy and most importantly the feeling of being safe. I won't delve TOO much into that...but my foundation of the ability to know and be "me"…

Nadine Vitard
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Snow Hare and the Enlargement Process

We are in the middle of producing two versions of Georgia's latest work, "Snow Hare". The original clay sculpture is relatively life-size. We took that model to a company in Wilsonville, Oregon, (www.additiveworkshop.com) where it was digitally scanned. Using that information, a computer controlled cutting machine carved an enlarged version out of foam. Back in the studio, Georgia applied about 1/4" of clay over the foam, then sculpted the entire surface, recapturing detail and texture. Once…

Sharon Green