Purse cleaning

Learn how to properly clean your purse and keep it looking brand new. Discover expert tips and tricks to maintain the quality and longevity of your favorite handbags.
How To Clean Pleather and Remove Denim Stains From Your Purse In Seconds! Cleaning Purses, Handbag Repair, Window Cleaning Tips, Purse Cleaning, Reselling Clothes, Survival Hacks, Boutique Inspiration, Cleaning Painted Walls, Stain Removal

Disclaimer: Always test a spot on the item you plan to clean before proceeding. Every Summer, I tend to switch to a lighter coloured purse. As a result, dirt and stains show up very easily on my handbag. I wear denim a lot and regardless of how many times they've been washed, the colour ends up transferring to my purse. I've tried everything to clean my bags, scrubbing away endlessly and I would end up having to toss my purse and purchase a new one the following year. I finally found a…

Vicki Vigil