Puff quilt tutorial

Learn how to make a gorgeous puff quilt with this step-by-step tutorial. Create a cozy and stylish quilt that will add charm to any room in your home.
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Hello! And thank you for your interest in the Ombre Puff Quilt. I have a few different resources for this quilt, so I wanted to list them separately to be sure that you are able to find exactly what you are looking for. :) Happy sewing!-Brittany Ombre Puff Full Tutorial - pattern, video, photos of my grandmother's quil

Marie Simard
Ombre Puff Quilt Tutorial - with VIDEO! – Lo & Behold Stitchery Quilts, Upcycling, Patchwork, Blankets, Fabric Scraps, Modern Quilts, Quilt, Sew, Quilt Inspiration

Download the FREE Ombre Puff Quilt Pattern here! If you've been around for any amount of time, you might've seen my Puff Quilt that my grandmother made for me. I love this thing SO much. She used various scrap fabrics and clothing to create this very dense, yet very snuggly quilt. . . . When I look at this quilt, I see something new each time. Recycled tablecloths from the 80s, pieces of my grandfathers button-down shirts, left-over fabrics from previous quilt projects. The list goes on…

Emily Phillips