Problem solving model

Discover a proven problem solving model that will help you tackle challenges and achieve better results. Learn how to identify, analyze, and implement solutions with this step-by-step approach.
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Some people may call it a problem, others call it a solution! Problem solving activities are a great way to get to know how your team works (both individually and together) and learn strategies that will help your team quickly react to any obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your project goals.

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The five-step problem solving model

I love the use of models in a workplace environment, my business training is supportive of models and efficient decision-making should be highly structured. From my personal experiences, haphazard, illinformed and misconceived decisions occurred after ad hoc ideas lead to poor decision-making. At business school, I undertook a unit on decision-making, we read a ton papers loosely related to decison-making but never really reviewed one model. So I went searching for my own models, the whole…

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Problem Solving - Lesson

Students are introduced to a systematic procedure for solving problems through a demonstration and then the application of the method to an everyday activity. The unit project is introduced to provide relevance to subsequent lessons.

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