Preschool set up

Transform your preschool classroom with these creative set up ideas. Create a fun and engaging learning environment that promotes curiosity and imagination.
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Given your unique space, consider organizing your room to best fit the needs and traffic patterns of your children. Ask yourself these questions when designing your space: What is the purpose of each space in your room? Where will quiet places in my room be? Where will louder activities happen? Consider putting loud and quiet […]

Leanne MacDonald
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The Dramatic play center is a place students can go to pretend, imagine, and be creative. Students can pretend to be anyone and do anything! This is powerful for our little learners. It is a place that promotes high-level thinking, problem solving, turn taking, and is a rich place for teaching vocabulary. Students can learn and develop skills in all learning domains (language, literacy, math, science, social studies, fine motor, gross motor, and social skills) through pretend play.