Practical life

Discover practical life activities that promote independence, confidence, and essential skills. Explore top ideas to incorporate practical life into your daily routines and help your child thrive.
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If you are new to Montessori, practical life is a great way to start with children under the age of six. Today I want to share some practical life activities we've been using with our three-year-old (42 months). These are useful for us right now as they are based on skills we are wanting to teach our child or are based on tasks we need help with around our home. These activities use materials we already have. Cleaning eyeglasses - the aim of this activity is to show the child how to handle…

Sidney Mcclelland
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Today I want to share two new activities. These are not traditional Montessori practical life activities. The first is hairstyling. Some educators would find a hairstyling doll more of a prop for dramatic play or hairdresser play. I see it as a real tool to teach children real practical life skills. Hairdressers use hair styling dolls and this is just a smaller version. In addition, hair styling is fantastic for developing coordination, arm/finger strength and fine motor skills. Above is our…

Mauren Morales
Sifting beads buried in they start throwing the beads and digging in the flour lol

Various activities from this past week. Flower Bead Sorting A great "practical life" activity. The variety of materials you can put in with the flour and sift is endless so you can make it theme related very easily! Flower Shop One aspect of a home-based preschool that I struggle with is that many of us are unable to do the typical 'centers' that a center-based program can do unless you have a space separate in your home or are wiling to give up the "home-like" environment. We do not and nor…

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