Pop fashion

Explore the latest pop fashion trends and discover unique ideas to upgrade your wardrobe. Embrace bold colors, patterns, and statement pieces to create a fashion-forward look that stands out from the crowd.
Jeremy Scott 2014 collection's key element was pop art. Pop art was first introduced into fashion in the 1960's. In this collection, the colors were very vivid and bold as were the silhouette of the dresses. Pop art fashion is still prominent in the fashion scene but is seen more on runways than being worn on a daily basis. Daily-basis pop art garments may include simple graphic tees that can be easily found in fast fashion stores and are much toned down. Couture, Haute Couture, Pop Art Dress Fashion, Pop Art Fashion Runway, Pop Art Fashion Design, Pop Art Fashion Clothes, Pop Art Fashion Illustration, Pop Art Inspired Fashion, Pop Art Clothes

With abstract painterly pattern making a resurgence in fashion I thought it was essential that my final story for the‘Pop to Popism’ exhibition explores the great influence that pop art has had on editorial to runway, street style and accessories over the past few years.

Erika & Jessica AMDT 420