Playing card crafts

Discover fun and creative ways to repurpose playing cards into unique crafts. From card garlands to upcycled decor, explore top ideas to get inspired and start crafting today.

A few weeks ago I promised I would do a tutorial on the playing card boxes I have posted to my blog recently. As I had friends over yesterday and we decided to make one of the boxes it was a perfect time to be able to take photos to help explain the construction of these .... they really are very easy to do ..... thanks to my friend Gai for being the model for the majority of the photo's ;) 1. To start you need to select 21 playing cards, keep in mind when you are selecting these what you…

Pia Yli-luoma
Cool Crafts You Can Make Out of Playing Cards (VIDEO) - Craftfoxes Origami, Diy, Diy Crafts, Paper Flowers, Paper Crafts, Crafts, Card Craft, Crafty, Creative Crafts

Most of us have a deck of cards around the house. Very often they’re sitting idle in the back of the “whatever” drawer of odds and ends. Instead of letting those 52 pieces of paper remain idle, you can refashion them into craft projects. Flowers, necklaces and even sculptures can be conjured out of that unused deck. Some of these projects are interesting enough that you may want dig past all of those paperclips and rubber bands in your “whatever” drawer to excavate your new fave deck of…

Angela Kennedy