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Learn how to protect your plants from pests and diseases with these effective methods. Discover tips and techniques to ensure a thriving and beautiful garden.
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A cloche provides protection for newly planted seedlings, keeping insects, pests and adverse weather at bay. Words & photos: Julie Legg This cloche is for a 900mm x 1800mm raised bed. MATERIALS 4 x lengths flexible 15mm x 2mm x 2m plastic pipe 1 x pack of 6 x 16mm tool clips (comes with screws) 3 x set of 3/16” x 38mm nuts and bolts, mushroom head zinc plated 2 x 80mm white downpipe clips 4 x 25mm screws 2m x 4m insect garden netting Equipment: Drill, screwdriver Cost: $60 METHOD STEP 1…

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Protecting Plants From Frost Damage Organic Gardening, Planting Flowers, Organic Gardening Tips, Seedlings Indoors, Plant Protection, Frost Protection For Plants, Growing Food, Gardening Tips, Seed Starter

Like many gardeners I start my seedlings indoors to get a jump on the growing season. This means I plant in containers and flats in February or March when it is still cold outside. I use grow lights, full sun windows, and some outdoor time when it is warmer and sunny to help them grow. Once the […]

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