Picture hanging height

Learn how to hang your pictures at the perfect height with these top ideas. Enhance your home decor and create a visually pleasing display with our expert tips.
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Art looks best when you can appreciate it straight on. That means not having to tilt your head up or down to look at it. The center of the art should be 57” above the floor. BUT, before you hammer a nail at exactly 57”, there’s a couple of things to think about first. This formula works like magi

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the quickest and easyest picture hanging hack you'll wish you knew

These easy picture hanging hacks will ensure that you can hang wall art perfectly straight in half the time. This post gives tips and ideas for hanging one picture or a whole gallery wall art display evenly. All you need is some painter’s tape, a screw and a wooden ruler! You’ll never wonder how to hang wall art perfectly again. Also, no nail holes to fill!

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Have you ever noticed art that just doesn’t look right in someone’s house?I’ll bet you’ve looked at it and thought, “wow, that’s way too high up!”Like there’s a ton of space between the floor or whatever is underneath it and it looks weird.Or worse, if the piece is super tiny and it’s hung so high it’s hugging the ceiling… Ugh!Nothing ruins an awesome piece of art like an incorrect placement.I’m definitely not a stickler for EVERY home decorating standard and I’ll be the first to break the…

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