Photographing artwork

Learn how to take stunning photos of artwork with these expert tips. Enhance your artistic portfolio and showcase your work to the world.
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By admin in Research > Art Products As I was browsing through Kickstarter the other day, I came across a fully funded project from a few years back that looked like an incredible tool for artists—especially those who need to take perfect photos of their small artwork. The tool is called SHOTBOX, and it’s basically a well-lit box with places to support your smartphone (on top, from the sides, and from the front) so you can get perfect, clear photos of your […]

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Every artist needs to keep visual records of their work. In this tutorial I'll explain exactly how to take great photos of your artwork, and cover a few basic steps in Photoshop that will get your images ready either for print or for uploading onto the internet.

Lisa Hampton-Pepe
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Being an artist, or any online seller, you will know that photography is just as important as the work itself. Good photos are a must for anyone who is trying to submit to galleries and showcase online, and it's especially important when trying to convey the painting's message and overall feel.&

Kristen Monday
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By Andy Derrick in Art Business Advice > Selling Art Online Anytime I talk to artists, I almost ALWAYS hear the following question: “How do you get high-res images of artwork? I have such a hard time getting good quality images!” The truth is, for most emerging artists, getting high-quality digital images is either too expensive or too difficult. Usually this means going another route, such as photographing their art themselves or finding a friend who has some knowledge of photography…

Elena Gorini
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Tips on how to photograph your artwork for instagram to sell it. Creating scroll-stopping images that help you stand out from the crowd ain’t no thing, I get it, but there’s actually some really simple ways of breaking it down, so I’m gonna give you 3 tips for styling photos of your artwork to help you out. #artwork #photography

Jenna Rainey | Watercolor Artist + Educator
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How To Photograph Your Art. Taking beautiful photographs of your art sometimes feels harder than actually creating it. When I was learning how to use my camera, my photos never turned out right. They were always too bright, dull, warm, cool, glary or cropped out. In this post I share my system for taking beautiful photos of my art so that you can avoid some of the same frustrations. #drawpaintacademy #oilpainting via @drawpaintacadem

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