Pavlova cake

Indulge in the heavenly taste of pavlova cake with these scrumptious recipes. Discover how to create a light and airy meringue base topped with luscious cream and fresh fruits.
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While you may think of flour being as essential to cake as butter and sugar, these flourless cakes prove that you can skip the flour and still have a decadent chocolate dessert. Most flourless cakes tend to resemble a fudgy brownie and are often garnished with fruit fruit and whipped cream to help balance the intense chocolate flavor. Plus, since they are unleavened, flourless chocolate cakes are ideal for serving during Passover. Although not a part of traditional Jewish cuisine, flourless…

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The following is one of the oldest published recipes for pavlova. It dates from 1935 and was published in the Tasmanian newspaper Advocate. Unlike contemporary recipes that call for lemon juice, vinegar is used here instead but with the same intention — to prevent the meringue from getting a yellowish hue. This version is envisioned to resemble a sandwich — the cream and fruit are placed between two crunchy meringue layers. Additionally, the recipe gives the option of enriching the inside of…

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