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FamiSafe Parental Control App: How Wondershare's FamiSafe App Helps Parents Protect Their Kids Online #30secondmom Indonesia, Design, Kids Online, Internet, Internet Router, Internet Service Provider, Wifi, Social Media Platforms, Tech

Kids and adults have one thing in common these days: they both spend many hours on devices, exploring the internet and social media platforms. Unlike adults, most kids are not aware of the dangers lurking on the web. But what can parents do? With so many parents having to work long hours,...

Protecting Your Kids: When Kids Hack the Parental Controls | Ready Nutrition Nutrition, Parents, Parental Guidance, Parental Control, Child Protection, Kids And Parenting, Internet Safety, Parenting, Online Safety

Smartphones. We love them, but hate that our kids are on them. As safe as we try to make them, and how hard we try to make them, your child will find a way to hack around your parental guidance. Parents face many challenges in this day and age to keep their kids safe in online environments and the secret is to stay one step ahead.

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Top 10 Parental Control Apps from ADDitude Google, Google Play, Internet, Internet Safety, App, Safe Internet, Screen Time, Used Computers, Impulse Control

The technology on your child’s wish list is powerful and fascinating and entertaining… and terrifying — especially if he has impulse-control and time-management problems. Smart, safe Internet use begins with a two-part process: educate your child about what it means to behave safely online, and put restrictions in place to guide him. Use these apps for the latter.

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“When the parent-child relationship gets to this point, the primary focus should be on rebuilding connection and creating positive moments. This process can take a considerable amount of time, as parents have to think hard about genuine, neutral ways they can spend time and engage with their teen – without these moments turning negative.”

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