Painted wood walls

Transform your space with painted wood walls. Explore unique designs and colors to add character and charm to any room in your home.
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I have clients who have bought a house in upstate New York. They are a NYC couple who are transitioning their lives to working and living full time upstate and going into the city as they need to. They admired this house from afar, and when it came onto the market a year later, they snatched it up immediately. They are now going through the process of renovating it to become the home of their dreams. Like any renovation project, they are discovering all sorts of issues and dilemmas that are…

Beth LaRocco
Things We Love:  Natural Ceilings  I like the Shelf Over Shelf Wall...Very Space Saving! Home Décor, Shelving, Interior, White Wood Paneling, Wood Paneling Makeover, Home Remodeling, Wood Panel Walls, White Painted Floors, White Paneling

Sims Hildtich One of our favorite things that designer Sarah Richardson says is that ceilings can be anything, as long as they aren’t white! Hardie Boys, Inc That being said, it isn’t advice we take all that often… We have a lot of white ceilings! Hardie Boys, Inc We used to think that that perfect, […]

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