Organizing walk in closet

Transform your walk-in closet into a clutter-free and stylish space with these practical organization ideas. Discover how to maximize storage and create a well-organized closet that fits your lifestyle.
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So, your small walk-in closet is a DISASTER! Join the crowd.As an owner and designer of custom closets in Columbus Ohio I’ve seen thousands of closets and I get the same comment from people BEFORE I step into their closet. They’ll say ……“Mike, sorry about this closet. It’s such a mess.” I tell them there’s no need to apologize. Most closets are D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival) before you even put one stitch of clothing inside them. They’ve been slapped in by the builder as an afterthought. They’re…

Lacey Pritts
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Name: Chelsea Young (@chelseattlemma)Redo: ClosetLevel: DIY A walk-in closet is a hot commodity, and finding a home with one feels like winning the storage lottery. Obviously, if you draw that dream ticket, you’d like your walk-in closet to actually be functional, not just a large room of minimal organization opportunities.

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You wake up in the morning and head to your small closet. When you open the door, it’s so full of clothes that you can’t see past them. So you take a step back and close the door to your small wardrobe. As you sigh, you think about how nice it would be to have […]

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