Nelson bubble lamp

Elevate your home decor with the iconic Nelson Bubble Lamp. Discover modern and stylish ideas to incorporate this timeless lighting fixture into your space.
The George Nelson Bubble Lamp. I finally bought it. | The Art of Doing StuffThe Art of Doing Stuff Side Chairs, Decoration, Furniture Design, Home Décor, Home, Food Garden, Panton Chair, Furniture Design Modern, Asian Home Decor

After a decade of trying to talk myself out of this iconic light I gave up and bought it. The George Nelson Bubble Light is probably the one light you'd recognize even if you know nothing about Mid Century Modern design. It's everywhere. Which is why I tried to talk myself out of it. I'm really glad I didn't succeed ...


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The Akari Bubble Pendant is a tried-and-true standard of the modern vocabulary. This unique design proves to eliminate glare and provide an abundant, yet diffused light. The quintessentially mid-century modern lamps were originally inspired by Swedish design and are versatile and accessible, highlighting and illuminating interiors. Beautiful in form in function, the light passes through each strip to create an abundance of soft light. This pendant light features a field-adjustable cord to…

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