National geographic photography

Immerse yourself in the world of National Geographic photography and experience breathtaking landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and diverse cultures. Discover top images that will ignite your passion for exploration and adventure.
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Our Alaska expedition cruises offer endless outdoor activities, wildlife sightings, picture-perfect moments, cultural experiences, and more.

Shawna Bramer
Big Bears Teaching Their Teddies How To Bear Photo Ours, National Geographic Photo Contest, National Geographic Photography, Photo Animaliere, Momma Bear, Photography Contests, Bear Cubs, Big Bear, National Geographic Photos

Momma bears are a fairly devoted bunch, and because bears are so incredibly cute, the moments they enjoy in the spring when raising their young cubs can be truly precious. That's why we collected this list of 20 photos of adorable bear parenting moments.

Yvonne Klepzig
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National Geographic has made a name for themselves with their amazing photos, so it was no surprise that they made Instagram history as the first brand to reach 100 million followers (those are almost Kim Kardashian numbers). To celebrate in true Nat Geo fashion, they opened up a photography contest across the photo-sharing platform - using the hashtag #natgeo100contest. In the 24-hour contest window, the magazine received more than 94,000 photograph submissions. The photo editors and…

Adrianna Cohen