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Make your move stress-free with this comprehensive moving checklist. Stay organized and ensure nothing gets overlooked with our step-by-step guide to help you through the process.
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This post is sponsored by Allstate. All opinions are my own. In case you missed it, Chris and I moved! It was such a bitter-sweet move, because we left behind our first apartment together, but we know that we are on to bigger and better things! We are currently renting at a much lower amount than we were paying, which gives us the ability to save up tons of money for a down payment on our future house! We have a plan in action, and hopefully, another move relatively soon will be in our…

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I’ll cut to the chase—I’m an organization fiend. I pack a trunk with the precision of a dad prepping his station wagon for a 10-day cross-country family road trip. I have a list that lists the lists I need to make. And while I respect and revere the junk drawer, I don’t even have one, because I’ve zeroed in on everything I own and have a place for each and every doodad. But, if you hate moving, this checklist is for you.

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Real Estate Made Real Simple. Download the Bundles Printable Include Buyer Checklist Seller Checklist Buyer Checklist Photo Prep Closing Checklist Change of Address Pre-listing Checklist Showing Checklist Seasonal Home Maintenance Guides

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Checklist of moving house tips - things to do during your moving house countdown. Get your house move organised week by week.

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There are loads of helpful, extremely detailed moving checklists out there that countdown three months out from your move. This is not that list. This is the list that hits the major checkpoints of moving — the ones you don't want to forget when you're packing and sorting like a tornado. I'd like to say… Read More Moving part 2: Change of address, services to stop, organizing checklist

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