Money giving ideas for christmas

Make your Christmas gifts extra special with these creative money giving ideas. Surprise your loved ones with unique ways to give money and add a touch of excitement to their holiday season.
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Every year I try to find a neat way to gift money to the kids in my life who prefer receiving cash instead of an actual gift. It may seem rude to some, but I don't think it is! What is inappropriate or tacky about giving someone exactly what they want and need the most for a birthday, Christmas, or graduation?! Keep reading for 10 awesomely creative & fun money gift ideas for kids of all ages.... ....from the 9 year old who wants to pick out his own Nerf Gun at Target to the teenager or…

Karen Davis
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This time of year some of you may be looking for how to make creative Christmas Money gift ideas to give to your friends and family. But, you can find Creative Ways to Give Money as a Gifts not only at Christmas time but the whole year long for several different occasions. With Christmas right around the

Cindy Gregory
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Anyone who knows me knows that I just love discovering unique do-it-yourself gift ideas for the kids in my life. I don't believe you have to spend a bunch of funds on an expensive gift. A thoughtfully put together homemade gift can be just as meaningful. I've written about lots of really cool DIY money gifts like the real money notepad (tutorial here >>) which everyone loves to receive. Then one day I realized that the dollar store is a great place to find inexpensive containers for creating…

Ruth Simons
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As a fairly frugal person, I'm always looking for ways to give thoughtful gifts in creative ways. I always say the more thoughtful you can be, the less money you have to spend because people don't necessarily want expensive things - they just want to know you care and that you understand what they want. For many people (especially the younger people in your life)....what they want is cold hard cash! :) Giving cash is a great idea when you don't know what to get someone AND you know they…

Cynthia Teague
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Giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do. While I always love finding unique gifts for people, there are sometimes where the best gift to give is money. Rather than just hand them a crumpled $20 in an envelope, I do my best to make the experience special. I've written about fun methods of gifting cash before and felt like coming up with some more ideas! Here are the super clever & unique ways to bless your recipient with cash. 20+ Best Ways to Give Money as a Gift I asked a few of my…

Pam Ackerman