Mixed media journal

Discover unique techniques and inspiration for your mixed media journal. Explore various mediums, textures, and styles to create a one-of-a-kind artistic masterpiece.
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125+ Things to Use in Collage, Art Journaling & Beyond

One way to make your work more personal and unique is to use found items, memorabilia, and objects that have meaning for you. You can tape, glue, adhere, staple, or otherwise attach a heck of a lot of neat stuff. There are almost infinite possibilities.

Kathryn Pierce

Create Your Own Masterpiece with Our Free Art Journaling Tutorial

Calling all art journaling enthusiasts! Our newest blog post is live and it's a must-read! We're sharing a step-by-step tutorial on creating a beautiful mixed media page using stencils and stamps.

Simply Dezigned, LLC
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Creating Layers in Mixed Media – Art Journal Video

I am playing in my handmade junk art journal today creating a bright page with many layers in mixed media. For my main images I am using my Textured Birds. I am using alcohol markers to color them …

Allison Davis
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Prevent Sticky pages!

We've all had those moments, pouring hours into your art journal pages. Putting all of your artistic soul into your mixed media creations and coming back to revisit them again one day only to find that your pages have stuck together!We can look at this in a few ways: 1) DISASTER! (hint, it's not this one) 2) Allow this to be part of the journey and story of your art journal 3) Learn from this and try a few things to prevent your pages sticking together in the future.Let's have a look at…

Paulina Szum