Mixed media artwork

Explore a collection of unique mixed media artwork ideas that will ignite your creativity and bring a whole new dimension to your artistic projects. Discover how to combine different materials and techniques to create stunning and one-of-a-kind pieces.
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The Best Tools and Canvases for Mixed Media Painting

Mixed media painting offers a widely flexible art system that can incorporate one or many of your artistic passions, from drawing and painting, to collage and composition. The best way to begin a mixed media artwork is to gather your resources and materials. Since there are so many options when it comes to resources an

Ameedah Mawalin
LITTLEFIELD STUDIOS - Paper and Fiber Mixed Media Collage displaying colorful creative paper and fiber artwork based on natural elements and archeological/ethnic interests Handmade Paper Art, Mixed Media Textile Art, Mixed Media Art Techniques, Mixed Media Textiles, Paper Collage Art, Soyut Sanat Tabloları, Collage Art Mixed Media, Paper Artwork, Mixed Media Artwork

Paper and Fiber Mixed Media Collage displaying colorful creative paper and fiber artwork based on natural elements and archeological/ethnic interests

Contemporary paper and fiber constructions by Pat Littlefield with reference to natural elements and ethnic cultures and archeology

Suzanne Bruhn
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Blenda Tyvoll Creative Lifestyle Blog - Blenda Tyvoll Studio

Blenda's Creative Lifestyle Blog gives the reader insights into an artist's life. You'll read stories from the artist's point of view about why and how each art series was created. Be the first to shop for the latest new artwork and new illustration designs for licensing artwork are featured along with studio news updates.

Tamra Miller
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"Fierce" new oil over mixed media painting on canvas by Roberta Foffo

This collection is to remind you of all of your strength, courage and magic. Each painting is made to remind you of all the possibilities within yourself. As a contemporary Artist, I am drawn to the experimental and unpredictable nature of mixed media. In my paintings, I gather a variety of materials and layers and combine them in different ways allowing the process to guide me as I go. Mixing abstract imagery and portraits I paint bringing out the extraordinary from the ordinary. My Art…

Mallory Knox
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Mixed Media Art Journal

Hello Dear Friends! My super talented Brand Ambassadors have a very special treat for you today - again! :) April is the Stress Awareness Month and this theme provoked some really touching stories from our Artists - raw and honest both in their artmaking and sharing their personal views. I'm truly blessed to be cooperating with these exceptional ladies... How can art be a way to deal with various difficult situations in our lives? Do you ever create when you need healing or having an outlet…

Cynthia Taylor
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Mixed Media Collage-EXCAVATIONS

Finally.. gentle readers... all the work has reached the Gallerie and I have it loaded in the shop 142 Bis Gallerie for pre sale.. I chose to call the show EXCAVATIONS because I noticed that I had been doing a lot of collage in my art journals.. layering the torn pieces, chewing on relationship issues and stressful events... metaphorically digging by ripping and tearing.. to find out what was really at the crux of the matters.. As If, Mixed Media Collage, 5 x 7 Caterina Giglio I used mono…

Ranjana Vaya