Miso Soup

Indulge in the comforting flavors of miso soup with these delicious recipes. Discover how to make a bowl of warmth and goodness that will satisfy your cravings.
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The best way to know for sure that your miso soup is vegan is to make your own at home. This recipe only has 5 ingredients and can be made in as little as 5 minutes. Who would have thought that homemade miso could be so simple?The serving size is good for one person but is slightly larger than what you would get in a restaurant. Enjoy by yourself or split with one other person. The recipe can also be doubled or tripled if you're catering for a crowd.

Sharon Mills

It‘s super easy to make authentic and homemade Japanese Miso Soup! In this recipe, I show you how to make quick and easy soup stock (dashi) from scratch, then make classic miso soup with tofu and wakame seaweed. It‘s delicious and has many health benefits.

Lyn Hallen

This is not an authentic miso soup, nor is it intended to be. I really love the flavor of miso and was doing some fridge foraging thus this deliciously simple creation. It has just enough protein to make it a meal and just enough green to add crunch and flavor. Best yet is it comes…

Natra Eddy

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