Mini zen garden diy

Learn how to make your own mini zen garden with these DIY ideas. Find inspiration and create a peaceful and calming space in your home.

Chances are you don’t have a zen garden in your backyard or outside the office. But you could still bring the essence of one to your coffee table or desk with these small-scale terrains.

Zomnia Schott
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If you don't have the backyard space to make a Japanese rock garden where you can spend long afternoons meditatively raking ripple-like patterns into the sand below your feet, settle for the next best thing by making a simple, miniature zen garden that can easily fit on the corner of your desk or nightstand.

Vale Ascazuri Lartigue
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Zen Gardens are relaxing, decorative, and really easy to make. This mini version of a dry landscape garden is perfect for a tabletop or desk. With Father’s Day fast approaching, this might be the perfect gift to make dad for his office. It can serve as a calming, ever-changing piece of art wherever you choose to keep it. […]

Jennifer Dawn