Microwave kiln glass fusing

Explore the exciting world of glass fusing with a microwave kiln. Discover unique techniques and projects to create beautiful fused glass art right at home. Start your glass fusing journey today!
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UPDATED! Polar Fusing - Glass Fusing - Microwave Kiln

Someone asked about polar fusing and I had a bunch of pics ready to write a blog post about it, so I got busy writing! I had no prior experience and have a ton of molds and had bought the Polar Fuse kits @ Hobby Lobby so I read some article and then dove in. This is what worked for me. It isn't difficult to do but I did it a little differently than many directions tell you. I started off by putting some purified water in the molds..I used some Martha Stewart molds I've been waiting for a…

Belinda O'Donnell