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Experience the magic of Michael Buble's music with his best songs. From soulful ballads to upbeat tunes, discover the timeless hits that will captivate your heart and make you want to dance.
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You think Bublé sounds amazing, then Blake opens his mouth to sing and it's out of this world! When two beautiful singers get together, you know you're in for a show! That's what happened when an unexpected duet happened between Michael Buble and Blake Shelton. The pair have their own unique sound and yet together

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Michael Bublè and one of his personal idols Barbra Streisand come together for yet another beautiful duet, singing 'It Had To Be You' originally by Frank Sinatra. Once again, these two superstars have done the great due justice with an arrangement that keeps to the same classic style, just with all new richness of sound

Gail Wilkins
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The first few seconds of David Foster throwing comedic jabs at Michael Bublè will have you in a great mood even before Blake shows up. Michael is asked to sing 'Home' a song he wrote and performed but covered famously by Blake Shelton He answered by singing in the worst country accent ever heard. He

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