Messy house

Transform your messy house into a clean and organized space with these genius ideas. Get inspired to tackle the clutter and create a calm and inviting home environment.
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Your Immune System Gets a Boost when Things Are a Little Bit Messy • Giving up on the Mess Can Really Cut Your Stress Levels • Creativity Thrives when There’s a Mess • Sun Shining on the Mess Can Help Kill Germs • Forgetting the Mess Gives You More Time for What’s Important • More ...

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There’s dust on the shelves, And toys across the floor. The windows need a clean, And there’s mud on the front door. There’s dishes in the sink, Kitchen cupboards need a clean. Two baskets-full of ironing, Handprints on the TV screen. The flower beds needs weeding, The oven smoulders when I cook. And as for …

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Ta-Da! Ugh. Seriously. This is how I found it. Then, 45 seconds later… So, we started this bathroom makeover the last week of June. We hired a trusted friend, Sean to do the hard work, and I still have a handful of finishing touches I’m putting off. But, it’s useable, and you can get the idea of how it’s supposed to look. I’ll do a final post once it’s 100% done (in four years. kidding. kind of). This is how the bathroom looked the day we bought the house. (Exactly two years ago). And this…

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