Mental disorders

Gain a deeper understanding of mental disorders and discover top ideas for support and treatment. Take a proactive approach to mental health and find resources to help yourself or a loved one.
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Whether we're talking about Melancholia (1514) by Albrecht Durer or The Scream (1893) by Edvard Munch, artists have been portraying mental disorders for centuries. These difficult subjects are important to current online creators as well. Shawn Coss, for example, has tackled them numerous times in 2016 as well as 2018. Recently, Korean-born Canadian artist Sillvi also decided to explore these grim alleys.

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On, off; on, off; on, off; on, off. Charles Walker, a British member of Parliament, has to turn the light switch on and off exactly four times before he leaves the room, otherwise his mind fills with dread that something bad will happen to him. He also feels the need to wash his hands frequently, often hundreds of times a day.