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Explore the stunning beauty of the Melaleuca plant and learn how to care for it. Find top ideas to incorporate this unique plant into your indoor or outdoor space.
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The pink melaleuca grows into large shrub to small tree, 10-18 ft. high, 15-20 ft. wide, often growing with a sprawling habit. Branching develops an interesting twisted character and is covered with light colored papery bark. Medium green leaves are elliptical, to 1 in. long; showy white to pink flowers occur in clusters during early […]

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Thinking of adding a Melaleuca Tree to your home landscape or garden area? This tree can be considered invasive due to it's extremely fast growth rates, and quickly expanding roots. You'll want to consider all the facts before adding one of these trees to your home or garden. Find out all you need to know about planting, growing, and caring for this majestic tree.

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The iconic Top End paperbark, with lovely weeping light green foliage and showy bursts of cream flowers, favoured by birds and from which the nectar is sucked. Noted for its thick, white, papery bark. One of the large feature trees commonly found along the Top End's major freshwater rivers, including the Daly. 10-20M

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