Medium size body outfits

Find stylish outfit ideas that flatter medium size bodies. Discover the perfect looks to showcase your unique style and boost your confidence.
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If you’ve got broad shoulders, no waist, a flat bum and chunky legs, welcome to the life of a brick. When they coined the term for your shape, The Body Shape Bible’s Trinny and Susannah admitted that it’s probably not the nicest way to describe you… but it’s fitting, right? “Your predicament is that from behind you have a masculine shape… You look powerful and strong, which is wonderful for the gym, but not so lovely at a time when you want people to see your fragile side,” the pair wrote…

Deborah Batchelor
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Discover effective style strategies on how to dress for a small bust and big tummy with our expert guide. Whether you're looking to enhance your natural curves or create a balanced silhouette, this comprehensive article provides valuable tips, outfit ideas, & fashion dos & don'ts for individuals with this body type. Learn how to cleverly accentuate your assets, choose the right fabrics, employ strategic layering techniques, & accessorize to flatter your figure. #Smallbust #Outfits…

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