Medieval outfits drawing

Explore a collection of stunning medieval outfit drawings that will transport you to a world of knights, princesses, and castles. Get inspired to create your own medieval fashion designs and bring your imagination to life.
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My recent fantasy adventures from Instagram. it started with me redesigning a failed concept in frustration, the queen one (the left one is the old design), which led me into a spiral that resulted in a new concept/illustration process. Ended up being quite a fun learning experience, which is still in progress actually. If you are interested in seeing these in a more timely manner, you can check my Instagram (@_pv.hristov), but I will eventually upload the next ones here too after I'm…

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Description Clothing Ref page for my OC Emrah. I started this about 3 months ago and I decided I just wanted to get it done and posted! Haha! I have been using a half shaded version as a ref on my stash for a while now. Anyway, like I said. It is just a ref for now. Eventually this will look better and may have some color or something. But it will work for now. XD Art and Emrah © =Gnewi Here are some more Emrah designs: These done by the amazing !!

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