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Since its description and introduction to clinical practice, serum protein electrophoresis has been useful as a first-line test for serum albumin and globulins and to identify monoclonal gammopathies, agammaglobulinemia, polyclonal production of immunoglobulins, and increase/decrease of other proteins. The electrophoresis drawing provided by laboratory shows five main protein fractions of serum. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult for students, residents, nurses, and non-specialized…

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Medical Laboratory and Biomedical Science: Reporting and grading of abnormal red blood cell m... Medical Lab Technician, Vet Tech School, Clinical Laboratory, Medical Laboratory Technician, Med Lab, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Laboratory Technician, Vet Medicine, Medical Laboratory Science

In spite of the continual standardization of test result formats, the improvements of laboratory technologies, publications of reference guidelines, and the advancements in hematology analyzers, the methods of reporting or grading abnormal red blood cell morphology still vary among laboratories everywhere. This article describes the methods or systems of reporting abnormal red cell morphology and the conditions associated with the abnormalities. Read more: Reporting and grading of abnormal…

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"The more often we see the beautiful little things we use routinely in the lab, the less and less we seem to ‘see’ them. Maybe we should all take a moment to salute the ‘trivial’ things in life that we have taken for granted." Read more: Lab life Source: Noimpactscience

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