Maori songs

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Maori songs. Explore top Maori songs that showcase the unique traditions and history of the Maori people. Discover the beauty and power of Maori music today.
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Purea Nei

A lot of people have requested the words to the waiata Purea Nei...and here it is. Purea Nei is a beautiful waiata that we have been learning with the tamariki. It is based on a Ngapuhi proverb - 'Hoki kia purea koe e nga hau o ou maunga, kia horoia koe e te ua' Purea Nei was developed into a song by Henare Mahanga of Ngati Hine. Hirinini Melbourne modified this song for Kiwi Tuteao, one of his students a Waikato University. Kiwi was blind and also going through a lot of adversity at the…

Paula Atua