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My Wish Is Two Separate Beds

Julia, Queen of Semele, has a problem. It is because her husband, Endimion, was the same age as her. They have been a married couple out of convenience since childhood. The two are like siblings, having used the same bed for 12 years and gone through puberty together. But one day, their relationship changed… “Do you really have to sleep in the same bed as me? You should fix this habit. Otherwise, the concubine who will carry your child will be disappointed...” “A concubine who will bear my…

Mrs. Howlster
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The 21 Best Yandare Manhwa (Webtoons) You Must Read

Dive into the twisted world of romantic obsession with the best yandere manhwa. Explore gripping tales of love, madness, and intrigue that will leave you hooked from the first page.

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