Make your own yogurt

Learn how to make your own yogurt with these delicious and easy recipes. Start enjoying the creamy goodness of homemade yogurt today!
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The first step is learning to make clabber. To make clabber you will need raw milk. We have a video that will walk you through each step. Basically you leave a jar of raw milk in temperatures somewhere between 90-110 degrees fahrenheit. Within a few days the milk will form into a solid curd which is also known as clabber. After that for the next maybe 3-4 days you will start a new batch using a teaspoon from the previous batch and adding raw milk to the jar. When the milk forms a solid…

Mike-Tricia Ruddick
Making your own yogurt costs half the price of store bought! When you learn how to make yogurt in a crock pot you'll save money with this easy method! #yogurt #ferment #crockpot #slowcooker #homemade #frugal Snacks, Slow Cooker, Ideas, Fruit, Healthy Recipes, Crock Pot Yogurt, Pot Recipes, Homemade Yogurt, Make Your Own Yogurt

I have been feeding my boys yogurt for their breakfast lately. I have decided that they need some probiotics in their system to keep them healthy or should I say get them healthy; they have been sick for too long in my opinion. I set out to buy organic yogurt that contained all the good probiotics. However, organic yogurt is expensive! Even in bulk it is pricey. Naturally, I started thinking about the idea of making yogurt but the thought has always been very intimidating to me. There is a…

Jessica Horst