M&m cookie recipe

Indulge in the perfect combination of chewy cookie dough and colorful M&M candies. Try our irresistible M&M cookie recipe and satisfy your sweet tooth today.
These Small Batch m&m cookies are soft and chewy, and filled with m&m candy. The recipe comes together quickly and requires no chill time. This m&m cookie recipe uses melted butter and has an egg yolk chocolate chip cookie base for a perfectly chewy cookie! M M Mini Cookies Recipe, Soft Chewy M&m Cookies, Best M M Cookies, Small Batches Of Cookies, Chocolate Chip And M&m Cookies, Bakery Style M&m Cookies, M & M Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies Melted Butter, M&m Cookies

M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies

These chocolate chip M&M cookies are heaven: super soft, perfectly chewy, and jammed full of M&M candies. The cookies have a terrific chew - the result of using two egg yolks in the cookie batter rather than a whole egg. This is a small batch baking recipe that makes 12 cookies, and no stand mixer is needed. Best of all, the cookie dough requires no chill time in the refrigerator, and can be baked right away!

Rachel Bass