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Discover the ultimate luxury and comfort of linen for your home. Explore top ideas to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space with luxury linen products.
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Chocolate and linen expertise - really, what is not to love about Belgium? Sweets aside for a moment - what makes Belgian linen - well, so Belgian ? Belgian linen is "bespoke " in the sense that is made to a set of standards. I have waited & waited for the right moment to

Shelly Bultemeier
I want my linen cupboard to look like THIS, with luscious piles of white!

Turning a leaf to October has me browsing around in my old autumn posts. I have a few favorite images here. October is a month for old "familiars." While I'm not much for celebrating or decorating for Halloween, I am amused at how often this term comes up in classic literature, so I'm passing this on from Wikepedia: In European folklore, "familiars" were believed to assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic. They would often appear as an animal (a witches cat). When they…

Range of Serrano cream and beige fabrics with styling. Inspiration, Design, Retro, Washed Linen, Linen Textile, Linen Fabric, Linen Cloth, Linwood Fabrics, Linens

Woven with the finest European linen, Serrano is a collection of beautiful weaves in timeless, neutral tones. Available in a variety of weights and styles, these linen fabrics are perfect for curtaining yet highly durable for upholstery. Order free samples today.